Cool Summer Baby

Six Tips to Keep Baby Cool

We all love summer. We love the warmth and the outdoor activities. Although keeping ourselves cool can sometimes be a challenge, it is even more of a challenge for a baby. An infant does not perspire effectively and becomes overheated more easily than an adult. Heat rash, sunburn, and even a greater risk for SIDS with overheating are some of the things you need to be concerned about. Here are some tips for keeping your baby cool in the summer.

Plan outdoor time wisely.
The worst time to be outdoors is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. According to the American Cancer Society the UV rays are the worst during these hours.

Make sure you have shade available.
Bring an umbrella or a canopy if there isn’t likely to be shade where you are going.

In Spain, a common and simple method of ensuring that your baby stays protected from the hot summer sun is to carry a square of light muslin.

Baby at the beach

This can be quickly clipped to the pram at any angle necessary. Sprinkle Nenuco Agua de Colognia on the cloth before popping in your beach bag for added freshness.

Don’t overdress your infant. As a general rule, dress the baby the same way you dress yourself for comfort. For outdoors, use light-colored and light-weight clothes that protect him from the sun. Always remember that clouds still allow harmful UV rays through.

Make sure there is good ventilation. A car or a room can become stiflingly hot, and your baby needs air movement to help keep him from overheating.

Keep your baby hydrated. Watch for signs of dehydration. These are :

  • a flushed face,
  • skin that’s warm to the touch,
  • rapid breathing,
  • and restlessness.

Babies should drink about 50% more during the heat of the summer than at other times during the year. According to, for a baby under 6 months, this should be in the form of formula or breast milk. After 6 months your baby can be given sips of water when thirsty.

Use sunscreen when necessary, but be cautious with its use in an infant younger than 6 months. Making sure you have an area of shade is a better option when you can.

Handle heat rash. If your baby develops a heat rash, remove hot sticky clothing and replace with something in cotton or leave him with just a diaper. Cornstarch baby powder can be used on the areas where heat rash develops. This is most likely to be in the armpits, groin, and skin folds.

Summer activities can be pleasant and fun. For your baby, the above tips will help ensure that it is for him, too.