Believe it or not, not all mums in the UK have heard of Nenuco and their lovely baby products (shocking, we know!). Of course, being good parents, they have questions about Nenuco and why they would want to buy Nenuco baby products.

We answer the most commonly asked questions here but please do not hesitate to reach out if we have missed anything you would like to know.

What is Nenuco?

Nenuco is a Spanish make of toiletries made mostly for babies but actually beloved by the whole family.

Is Nenuco safe to use on my baby?

Nenuco has been collaborating with the Spanish Association of Pediatrics for more than 12 years now with the express purpose of ensuring that their products reach the highest level of safety and meet the strictest controls necessary to protect babies’ delicate skin.

Can Nenuco products cause an allergy to my baby?

While Nenuco products are very gentle, it is always advisable to consult your doctor. All Nenuco products carry a full list of ingredients on the packaging.

Where can I buy Nenuco products?

Right here! We are fully stocked in the UK and your purchase will be with you in 2 or 3 days.

Can Nenuco products be used in babies with atopic skin?

In both babies and adults with atopic skin, it is always best to use only products that have been recommended by the doctor that is treating the condition.

What to do in case of eye contact?

In case of contact with the eyes, they should be washed immediately and abundantly with water and consult your doctor.

Can I apply the cologne directly on the skin?

All Nenuco products have passed strict controls are safe to apply directly on the skin. However, if you prefer you might also first spray your hands with the cologne and apply on your baby’s clothes.

Is there Nenuco specifically for adults?

The lovely light fragrance of Nenuco makes a refreshing change to heavier adult perfumes and colognes and all are suitable for use by babies and adults.

From what age can Nenuco be used?

The Nenuco products are suitable for all ages, including newborns. We recommend looking at the instructions of the packs before using the products and if there is any doubt consult with your doctor.

Have Nenuco products been tested dermatologically?

The Nenuco formula has been clinically tested under strict dermatological control in order to ensure the suitability of all our products for the skin of your baby.

Do the products expire?

The expiration of Nenuco products is indicated by the symbol PAO (period after opening), which indicates the time that the product is safe and can be used without harm to your baby and your family once it is open. And products that do not contain the PAO, have the expiration date printed.

What else can I use Nenuco Cologne (Agua De Colonia) for?

  • The fresh scent of Nenuco can be used to sprinkle of laundry, bedding, towels or on a handkerchief and tucked in drawers. Men can use as an aftershave or bracing splash.
  • Add to a spray bottle with a few drops tea tree oil and water for refreshing air spray.
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